ENGL 3102- Podcasting and Audio Storytelling

Instructor: Villacorte       M/W/F         11:15-12:10pm

ENGL 3125 – Intro to Critical Theory

Instructor: Norton            M/W/F            12:20-1:15pm This survey of contemporary critical theory introduces students to major schools and movements in…

ENGL 4093 – Environmental Writing

Instructor: Hyland              T/R                     2:00-3:20pm Service Learning Course In this course, students will…

ENGL 3084 – Comics & Graphic Novels

Instructor: Glaser                    T/R                   9:30am-10:50am Comics/Graphic Novels is a course that will…

ENGL 2041: 21st Century American Drama

Instructor: Luckett            T/R                12:30-1:50pm

ENGL 3079 – Creative Writing and the Environment

Instructor: Iversen          T/R          3:30-4:50pm  Students will explore how creative writing engages, interrogates, reveals, and impacts environmental issues and concerns: What…

INTR 5001: Interdisciplinary Capstone

Instructor: Reutter                  M/W/F                 2:30-3:25pm

ENGL 1018.003 – Freshman Seminar: Intro to Literature and Medicine

Instructor: Reutter                    M/W/F                    1:25pm – 2:20pm BoK: HU-Humanities

ENGL 1018.002 – Freshman Seminar: Poetry, Song, and Rhythm

Instructor: Carlson                    T/R                    11:00am – 12:20pm BoK: HU-Humanities

PWRT 7030 – Internship

Instructor: Arduser                  TBD Supervised experience in the professional work force. Permission of Professional Writing director required. Usually completed in the…

ENGL 1018.001 – Literature, Film, and the Environment

Instructor: Person                    M/W/F                    9:05 – 10:00am

ENGL 7087: Graduate Poetry Workshop

Instructor: Lindenburg       T          3:30-6:20pm

ENGL 2159: Intro PW

Instructor:  Cook             T/R           11:00-12:20pm

ENGL 3062- Writing in Behavioural Sciences

001-Instructor: Hyland                     T/Th                  8:00-9:20am 002-Instructor: Hyland             …

ENGL 7011 Graduate Fiction Workshop

Instructor: Griffith                    W                    12:20pm – 3:10pm This fiction-writing workshop will…

ENGL 2008 – Survey of American Literature II

Instructor: Hennessey    T/ R          2:00-3:20pm BoK: HU – Humanities In this course we will read, discuss, and write about novels, poems, and plays…

ENGL 5114 Senior Writing Seminar: Creative Writing and Research

Instructor: Iversen                    T/R                    12:30pm – 1:50pm This capstone course is…

ENGL 2021: World Literature I

Instructor: Twomey          T/R         12:30pm-1:50pm

ENGL 2006: TOPICS IN Literature, Health and Society: Trauma Literature

Instructor: Epstein         Online

ENGL 3086 – Forms of Fiction

Instructor: Griffith                  M/W/F                   10:10am – 11:05am BoK: FA – Fine Arts; HU…

ENGL 4100- Literary and Cultural Studies Capstone

Instructor: Tsang             T/R              3:30-4:50pm Research Course In this seminar we will inquire into the cultural significance of…

ENGL 4089 – Advanced Composition for Teachers

Instructor: Floyd           M               4:00-6:50pm This capstone advanced writing course is geared toward future educators and those…

ENGL 3056: Writing Comic Poetry and Prose

Instructor: Allen         M/W/F           2:30pm – 3:25pm This course will provide a guided tour of some of the funniest poems,…

PWRT 7001 – Intro to Professional Writing

Instructor: Arduser                TBD This course is an introduction to the field of professional writing as an academic discipline and as a…

ENGL 7130- Teaching College Writing

Instructor: Carter            W               4:40-6:30pm

ENGL 7068: APP Anglophone Literature

Instructor: Tsang              R              12:30-3:20pm

ENGL 9096 Professional Practice

Instructor: Arduser                    TBD                    TBD Formal recognition of work done by…

ENGL 3006 – Introduction to Shakespeare

Instructor: Kamholtz            M/W/F             1:25-2:20pm Instructor: Lee             T/R        …

ENGL 2067.001 – Topics in Film: Victorian Mystery and Horror

Instructor: Andersen       M/W/F         3:35pm – 4:30pm BoK: FA – Fine Arts; HU – Humanities

ENGL 3055 Creating Writing from Real Life

Instructor: Grey       M/W/F           1:25-2:20pm Life experience is the raw material for the writer of fiction, literary nonfiction, and poetry, and…

ENGL 2049: Hemingway

Instructor: Arner           T/R             2:00-3:20pm

ENGL 2004: Intro to Copyediting

Instructor: Beckelhimer      T/R     9:30-10:50am

ENGL 4092 – Technical & Scientific Writing

001-Instructor: Debs                      T                 4:40- 7:30pm 002-Instructor: Staff         …

ENGL 7050: Diaspora and Literature

Instructor: Glaser           M             12:20- 3:10pm

ENGL 2047 – Introduction to Linguistics

001- Instructor: Leech                    M/W/F                   10:10pm – 11:05pm BoK: HU-Humanities This course…

ENGL 2042: Apocalypse and Sustainability

Instructor: Twomey            T/R            3:30-4:50pm

ENGL 2070: Desktop Publishing

Instructor: Cook               T/R             9:30-10:50am

ENGL 2022 – World Literature II

Instructor: Hennessey          T/Th          12:30pm – 1:50pm BoK: DC – Diversity & Culture; HU – Humanities This course is a comparative study…

ENGL 7066: Romantic Literature

Instructor: Carlson           M             3:35-6:25pm

ENGL 1010: Amazing Books!

Instructor: Weissman T/R            2:00-3:20pm

PWRT 7044 Document Design

Instructor: Larkin                   T                       6:00-8:50pm This course introduces students…

ENGC 7031 – Teaching Practicum

Instructor:  Malek                   W                   3:35pm – 4:30pm Grounded in composition theory, Practicum is…

ENGL 2114: Abnormal Psychology and Literature

Instructor: Ash             T/R             12:30-1:50pm

ENGL 8035 Rhetoric & Composition Research Methods

Instructor: Carter                          W               5:00pm-7:50pm This course addresses research methods in Rhetoric and Composition from the 1960s to the present. Course participants perform close examinations of qualitative…

ENGL 2007 – Survey of American Literature I

Instructor: Person                  M/W/F           10:10-11:05am BoK: HU – Humanities English 2007 surveys pre-20th-Century American literature: from Puritan…

ENGL 2028: Theater and Performance Studies

Instructor: Luckett              T/R             11:00-12:20pm

ENGL 3085 – Forms of Poetry

Instructor: Hennesey             T/R            11:00am-12:20pm Where does Form, as well as the individual forms, come from?  What does…

ENGL 7131: Teaching Practicum

Instructor: Malek             W            3:35-4:30pm

ENGL 7101/7102: Prosem/ Intro to Grad Studies

Instructor: Glaser              W                10:00-11:30am

ENGL 2184: Comics Graphic Nov

Instructor: Glaser          M/W/F            9:05-10:00am

Art of the Diary

ENGL 2005: Topics in Rhetoric Art of the Diary   In this class, we’ll read the private words of public women. Some will be famous: diarist Anne Frank,…

ENGL 3054 – Creative Writing Pedagogy

Instructor: Hennessey        T/R          9:30-10:50am This course is designed to offer future educators a variety of approaches to the teaching of creative…

ENGL 2080 – Ethnic Literatures of the United States

Instructor: Thacker                M/W/F           12:20am – 1:15pm BoK: DC – Diversity & Culture; HU – Humanities An introduction…

ENGL 2084: African American Literature II

Instructor: Norton            M/W/F        1:25-2:20pm

ENGL 2001 – Topics in Literature : Banned Books

Instructor: Psenicka       M/W/F     11:15-12:10am

ENGL 2110: Films of Hitchcock

Instructor: Arner       T/R         12:30-1:50pm

ENGL 4192: Technical and Scientific Writing

001 Instructor: Cheng                 T/R                       9:20-10:50am  002 Instructor: Cheng  …

ENGL 2017 – Intro to Poetry Writing

Instructor:  Dees                     M/W/F             9:05am – 10:00am Instructor:  Kamara          …

ENGL 2001.002 – Topics in Literature: The American College in Literature, Film and Reality

Instructor: Dziech                T/R                   11:00-12:20am

PWRT 7043- Science and Health Writing

Instructor: Arduser            T/R               4:40-7:30pm

ENGL 2010: Intro to Creative Writing- Poetry & Prose

Instructor: Lindenburg        T/R                   12:30pm – 1:50pm BoK: FA – Fine Arts; HU – Humanities This class…

ENGL 9010 – Interdisciplinary Dissertation Workshop

Instructor: Micciche                  R               9:30am-12:20pm This class is an intensive pass/fail workshop for doctoral students in any discipline. It is premised on three basic ideas: writers benefit from…

ENGL 3032 Music and Poetry

Instructor: Drury       T/R          9:30-10:50am Music and poetry have always been deeply connected. Indeed, we often refer to the poetic line as…

ENGL 2030: Topics in Literature and the Environment: The Humanimal

Instructor: Kortyna            M/W/F           9:05-10:00am

ENGL 2067.002 – Women with Angency

Instructor: Sherrill         M/W/F         2:30-3:25pm BoK: FA – Fine Arts; HU – Humanities This course will primarily focus on the adaptive relationship…

ENGL 5121/PWRT 6021 Instructional Design

Instructor: Rentz                           W              4:40pm-7:30pm Are you a good explainer? If you’re planning on a career in professional writing, or any career using a lot of writing,…

ENGL 4091 – Writing for Business

001-Instructor: Rentz                        T/R             2:00-3:20pm 002-Instructor: Staff           …

ENGL 3076 – Writing with Style

Instructor: Griegel-McCord        M/W/F         10:10-11:05 BoK: Hu-Humanities This course is designed to help students improve their writing styles. The focus will be…

ENGL 2005.002 – Topics in Rhetoric: Writing, Running, & Documenting Cincinnati

Instructor: Micciche      M      2:30pm-5:20pm In this honors course our classroom meeting will be complemented by runs through various Cincinnati neighborhoods. Our slow and deliberate…

ENGL 7037: Methods: Teaching Literature

Instructor: Weissman           R              9:30-12:20pm 

ENGL 2135 – Survey of English Literature II

Instructor: Andersen          W          6:00-8:50pm BoK: HU – Humanities This half of the Survey in English will emphasize the close reading…

ENGL 7085: Technique and Form in Poetry

Instructor: Drury                           T                 12:30pm-3:20pm We will concentrate on reading and writing sequences of poems that adhere to some formal…

ENGL 2011 – Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction

001-Instructor: Henley                       Online 002-Instructor: Henley                       Online 003-Instructor:…

ENGL 2005.001: Activist Rhetoric and Digital Media

Instructor: Lusher        M/W/F         12:20-1:15pm

ENGL 2013 – Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

Instructor: Hudelson                  M/W/F                  11:15-12:10pm BoK: FA – Fine Arts In this course…

ENGL 1012: English Composition

Instructor: Durst T/R               9:30-10:50

ENGL 2109: Wester Films

Instructor: Arner            T/R          12:30-1:50pm

ENGL 2100: Ways of Reading Literature

Instructor: Carlson            T/R                 3:30-4:50pm

ENGL 2075: Intro to Literature

Instructor: Kamaholtz       M/W/F        12:20-1:15pm

ENGL 3022 – Writing Science Fiction & Fantasy

Instructor: Henley                    Online BoK: FA – Fine Arts; HU – Humanities In this course we will focus on the…

ENGL 2134 – Survey of English Literature I

Instructor: Leech            M/W/F        12:20-1:15pm BoK: HU – Humanities This survey course will introduce students to works in English Literature from…

ENGL 2106: Classic Film Comedy

Instructor: Epstein                      Online 

ENGL 7086: Technique and Form in Fiction

Instructor: Bachelder                    T                   12:30pm-3:20pm This course will be an intensive…

ENGL 1002.001 – Freshman Comp Seminar – Zen, Rhetoric, and Global Citizenship

Instructor: Davis MWF 12:20pm-1:15pm Topic: Zen, Classical Rhetoric, and Global Citizenship Using classical rhetoric, students examine the relationship between Zen & global citizenship.  (Zen is used as a…

ENGL 2003 – The Magic of Harry Potter

Instructor: Heller                    T /R                  2:00pm – 3:20pm BoK: DC – Diversity…

ENGL 9096 – Professional Practice

Instructor: Arduser  Days: TBA  Time: TBA Location: Uptown Campus West Formal recognition of work done by graduate students conducting projects under the terms of graduate Administrative/Research Assistantships.

ENGL 2001.003 – Topics in Lit: Crimes, Kids, and Abuse

Instructor: Dziech           R        3:30pm-6:20pm

ENGL 2072: Writing for Parks and Museums

Instructor: Cook             T/R               12:30-1:50pm

ENGC 7076 Approaches to Biblical Lit

001-Instructor: Twomey Fri 9:30am – 12:20pm The Bible has been a key element in the articulation of theoretical positions at least since Longinus cited Genesis in his (2nd…

ENGL 2015 – Introduction to Screenwriting

001-Instructor: Grant               M/W/F                9:05am – 10:00am BoK: FA – Fine Arts; HU – Humanities…