Category: Comparative Literature

ENGL 2022 – World Literature II

Instructor: Hennessey          T/Th          12:30pm – 1:50pm BoK: DC – Diversity & Culture; HU – Humanities This course is a comparative study…

ENGC 7076 Approaches to Biblical Lit

001-Instructor: Twomey Fri 9:30am – 12:20pm The Bible has been a key element in the articulation of theoretical positions at least since Longinus cited Genesis in his (2nd…

ENGL 2001.002 – Topics in Literature: The American College in Literature, Film and Reality

Instructor: Dziech                T/R                   11:00-12:20am

ENGL 2001.003 – Topics in Lit: Crimes, Kids, and Abuse

Instructor: Dziech           R        3:30pm-6:20pm