Instructor: Micciche                    T                    9:30 AM – 12:20 PM

This course frames composing as an intentional act of making up, putting together, constructing and producing. And while this loose definition is situated for us by post-secondary writing instruction, we’ll also be interested in composing as it relates to cultural efforts of making and their contexts: making subjectivities, identities, and language norms. Composing with will be part of the vocabulary of this class as we consider that, in addition to composing with tools and technologies, writers also compose in partnership with sound, movement, others, disability, feelings, sexuality, power grids, food, behaviors and rituals, non-humans, and with(in) sociopolitical, biological, and natural environments. We’ll experiment with composing in and out of class; other assignments include a case study and a final project that could take different forms and could be completed individually or collaboratively. See a previous iteration of the course at (password for schedule page is 7020).