Instructor: Brodbeck    MWF   11:15 AM – 12:20 PM

High school cliques, losing friendships, pimples, or finding out you’re a wizard? What is adolescence and how does YA literature engage and represent the experiences of young adults? In this course, we will read and discuss middle grade through young adult novels.  These works are meant for an adolescent audience, therefore we will examine how these books attempt to engage this age group of readers, while also examining critical works discussing the themes of the novels. Expect to read novels that aim to represent a variety of identities, with characters of multicultural backgrounds, characters who are experiences hearing loss, and those experiencing homelessness and family grief and trauma, but while also experiencing the typical adolescent social and emotional strife.  This course will aim to identify what makes a text “young adult” and how those texts represent what it means to be a young adult in our culture.