Instructor: Byas
TR                    11:00am – 12:20pm

In this course we will focus on the ways that creative writing can respond to social justice movements both emotionally and politically, and will examine what sort of impact these works can have on and off the page. Students will read and analyze works of poetry and prose that comment on both historical and contemporary movements (including but not limited to war, civil rights events, LGBTQIA+ advocacy, etc). We will carefully examine how the mode of creative writing provides a unique blend of the personal and the external that may not be achieved in other modes of writing. They will then be asked to write their own creative responses that engage with and respond to happenings in their own communities, whether that be the Cincinnati community or a larger one. There will be an equal focus on the reading of poetry and prose and on students’ own writing. Students’ own personal writing will be peer-reviewed in a workshop setting. Attendance at public readings of creative writing will also be a required component of the course.