Instructor: Micciche      R      2:00pm-4:50pm

In this honors course our classroom meeting will be complemented by runs through various Cincinnati neighborhoods. Our slow and deliberate engagement with our surroundings during runs will support the production of narrative, audio-, and photo-based portraits of neighborhoods, people, and the diverse cultures that compose our city. Harryette Mullen’s Urban Tumbleweed, a collection of Japanese-inspired tanka poems that document impressions of place, will frame our approach to exploring Cincinnati on foot. In addition to Mullen’s book, we will study urbanism, theories of place, running culture, and social justice issues. Our ongoing documentation of Cincinnati will culminate in a multimodal project that draws on the materials we’ve collected during the term as well as the ideas we’ll encounter in the readings. A note about running: We will take our time and integrate walk breaks as needed. The purpose of the course is not to create great runners but to use running as a mechanism for slow writing and thinking processes.