Instructor: Dziech                          T/Th                      12:30pm – 1:50pm

BoK: HU – Humanities; SE – Social & Ethical Issues 

Here’s a way to enjoy alcohol without overdoing or hearing a lecture about excessive drinking! We’ll start by tracing the story of alcohol. From China in 7000 B.C. to bars at the Banks, it has been used for thousands of years for medication, thirst, nutrition, religious observances, relaxation and social interaction. It helped the Pilgrims survive the “starving time,” Johnny Appleseed create a legend and Cincinnati become “The Beer Capital of the World” for a time. Hollywood used it to tell the stories of its hazards in film adaptations of The Glass Castle and The Great Santini. We’ll use films, television, stories, articles and speakers (a doctor, a biologist, an attorney, a recovering alcoholic) to explore its safe recreational use versus its destructive effects on individuals and families and its challenges for medical professionals. You’ll debate complicated issues such as how to treat alcoholism and whether addiction is a disease or a choice. You’ll enjoy and learn from the chance to travel the enigmatic road to understanding alcohol and its place in society. And if you’re interested, we’ll even arrange a special Brewing Heritage Tour that will culminate in a visit to Over-the-Rhine’s hundred- century- old underground beer tunnels. For questions, contact Professor Dziech at or drop by her office in 350 McMicken.