Instructor: Croft          TR 12:30pm – 1:50pm 

This course is designed to explore themes present in the selected texts on literature and medicine. The course will focus specifically on the presence or absence of identity of patients in medical literature. As we read and discuss the texts throughout this course, we will be examining this topic and others that come up that are of interest to the students in the course. We will be discussing questions such as:

  1. How does gender, sexual orientation, age, race, or type if illness effect the way a patient is treated in the hospital setting?
  2. How does the way a patient is represented change based on who is telling the story (i.e., physicians, physicians in training, or the patient themselves)?
  3. What kinds of conversations can we have with medical practitioners based on the stories we’re reading in this class?
  4. Can texts such as the ones represented in this course help to change the way patients are represented, treated, and seen by those in the medical field? Where can the conversation start?