Instructor: Kortyna                    M/W/F                    11:15am-12:10pm

In this class we’ll read real stories and learn to write them. Our lives are full of powerful moments and tales worth telling. Stories of love; travel; loss; illness; family; food—the list is as infinite as our lives. Putting these stories on the page can make for gripping, important writing. In this introductory workshop you’ll acquire the skills to write such stories by engaging in a variety of readings and writing exercises. We’ll read a range of true stories: personal essays; travel essays; lyric essays; literary journalism; and so on. We’ll discuss the roots of the essay, dating back to Montaigne, and make our way up to the present day and what literary nonfiction looks like now. And we’ll emulate the masters, seeing what there is to be learned from each, as we work toward honing real voices of your own.