Instructor: Wattenberg                    MWF                   9:05am-10:00am

In her essay of the same name, Sherry Ortner asks (rhetorically), “Is Female to Male what Nature is to Culture?” In this course, we will consider the implications of this question and its categories as we read nature fiction, non-fiction, and poetry by women. We’ll pursue several lines of inquiry as we read in order to ask: What patterns and themes emerge when women write about nature? What problems arise when women are aligned with nature? What liberations? How do these texts explore shared causes of ecological threat and women’s subjugation? What’s the relation between woman, animal, and wild(er)ness? In addition to producing researched written work, students will spend time observing their own ecosystems and create a multi-modal project in order to connect class themes to gendered experience and examine what we constitute as the “natural.” Primary readings will be paired with critical texts in order to introduce students to theoretical underpinnings of these conversations with a focus on eco-feminist perspectives.