Instructor: Luckett            T/R                12:30-1:50pm

This course introduces students to the scholarly study of dramatic literature and performance. Employing Critical Race Theory, Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, and Intersectionality as analytic frameworks, we will engage a variety of methods for analyzing 21st Century American dramatic literature, drawing upon literary, historical, and theoretical approaches. The course also provides an overview of some major trends in the history of drama and theatre. We emphasize connections between theatre and culture. That is, we consider theatre as a source of aesthetic pleasure, but more fundamentally as a socially significant symbolic act. We seek to understand how contemporary American plays draw upon and extend historically influential models of identity and community that mediate relations between people in consequential ways. We particularly investigate how American plays invent, support, or critique various forms of social hierarchy. Who do these theaters benefit? Who do they harm? Who do they include? Who do they exclude? How? Why?