Instructor: Epstein               Online

Border Crossings, in recent years, have become a rather topical and popular subject in international film. Whether as a tourist, business executive, military invader, migrant, refugee, or terrorist, millions of people cross state and local borders every day for various reasons, including commerce, war, famine, and unjust detention. How are the conditions of these crossings visualized and storied in the cinema? In the clash of cultures and languages what counts as a legal or illegal crossing?  What dangers are there for those who cross and those who monitor the crossings?  The class will examine films in world cinema to determine what issues are at stake and what the films are unable to depict.  We will also discuss how the camera locates and directs the viewer with cinematography, specific shots and cuts in the editing, and how the casting implies certain attitudes and directions.  From contemporary films like The Motorcycle Diaries, The Syrian Bride, Maria Full of Grace and others, we will consider the choices and misconceptions, the myths and legends of those traversed borders.