Instructor: Sherrill               T/R                  9:30 – 10:50am

Topics in Film will provide students with a broad understanding of cinematic style and technique. Through a combination of reading materials and the viewing of representative films, the course will introduce and analyze key terms, concepts, and issues in the study of gender representation in cinema. Our course will be based on readings (from the assigned text and outside sources) about film techniques and gender, weekly film screenings, and class discussion of the texts and films. We will begin the semester with a historical approach to understanding how women have been represented in film and then move into recent representations to consider the many ways in which agency manifests. Apart from discussion of cinematic techniques and criticism, we will also discuss generic conventions and audience expectations as we consider how female agency is constructed. Films to be discussed may include Some Like It Hot, Ex Machina, God Help the Girl, Gone Girl, and Hustlers, among others.