Instructor: Cheng M/W/F        2:30 – 3:25pm

This course teaches the theory and practice of cross-cultural communication and explores the social, cultural, economic, and educational implications of English’s rise as a global language. Students will develop intercultural communicative competence and strategies for effective verbal, non-verbal, and written communication in everyday life and professional contexts. The course focuses on three main topics: (1) the role of English as a global language and its implication on cross-cultural communication, (2) the different types of verbal, non-verbal, and written communication practices across cultures, and (3) strategies for navigating cultural differences in everyday life and professional communication. Students will examine the different varieties of the English language, explore how language and culture shape communication practices, and develop strategies for communicating with audience in culturally-diverse contexts. The class will include class discussion and analysis of printed/digital texts and graphics across cultures, workshops on social etiquette in cross-cultural communication, composing writing for audiences with different cultural and language backgrounds, a fieldwork project that requires participant observation, and several short writing assignments.