001 Instructor: Andersen MWF 9:05 AM-10:00 AM
002 Instructor: Andersen MWF 10:10 AM-11:05 AM
003 Instructor: Hogeland MWF 2:30 PM-03:25 PM

This course is an introduction to engaging various genres of literature, including narrative fiction, poetry, drama, graphic narrative, and literary nonfiction. Our emphasis will be on reading, discussing, interpreting, and writing about literature as a community of active learners and not as passive recipients of a teacher’s answers or an expert’s knowledge. How can we distinguish between more and less compelling interpretations of a literary text? How can we allow for a variety of interpretive responses without treating any and all responses as equally valid? When and by what measure can a literary interpretation be said to be wrong? What practices and mindsets distinguish highly skilled readers of literature? What terms and concepts are especially useful for thinking about literary reading and analysis? How do different literary genres work, and what are there notable features? These are some of the key questions we will seek to answer together. Often, we will engage these issues through exercises or workshops where, together, we will read, briefly write on, and discuss short texts.