Instructor: Carlson                                 

001 – TR 3:30PM – 4:50PM

002 – TR 11:00AM – 12:20PM

This course explores ways of reading literature, as we will interpret, research, write on, and discuss a variety of literary works, such as poems, short fiction, novels, plays, graphic narratives, literary essays, and multimodal texts. Our emphasis will be on analyzing literature through sustained and collaborative acts of interpretation. Our goal will be to achieve “earned interpretations” by reading, researching, and writing about literature as active learners rather than as passive recipients of interpretations provided by teachers or online sources.

What distinguishes literature from other forms of writing, and what is its value? How do literary genres differ? How do we construe meaning from literary texts, and how do literary texts guide us to construct meaning? How can research inform or enrich our interpretations? How can we distinguish between more and less compelling interpretations? What attitudes and practices characterize more highly skilled readers? These are some key questions we will seek to answer, in part through workshops where, together, we will read, write on, research, and discuss texts in class.

Required of all English majors and minors except for English Education track majors or English minors who are majoring in Secondary Education; those students must instead take ENGL 2075.