Instructor: Hennessey

TR 11:00 AM – 12:20 PM

Long before humans could express themselves through words, they documented their lives through pictures. Thousands of years later, in a media-saturated environment, we are still captivated by the simple yet effective power of images to tell stories, convey important ideas, and create modern mythologies. The comics medium has evolved dramatically over the last century from daily strips and pulp magazines to a thriving era of superheroes and a countercultural “comix” movement telling stories not fit for children. Along the way, the graphic novel emerged as a new literary form that could grapple with serious topics, winning accolades and launching a thousand college courses like this one. We’ll start our work with a crash course in visual literacy, and then explore this complex history, spending time with some favorite caped crusaders and gritty anti-heroes, sharing heartfelt personal narratives, and encountering interesting hybrids along the way.