Instructor: Kamholtz                    MWF                    9:05am-10:00am

The course is designed to assist students attain the skills they will need to be serious students of literature. It is a class that requires you to read relatively few texts carefully, in depth, thoughtfully, and above all, resourcefully. We will be working on ways to expand your strategies of interpreting. The goal of the course is to help you develop a repertory of questions you can ask yourself about a text, and an understanding of when to ask them, and why. The course represents the beginning of a literature student’s stockpile of specifically literary experiences.  Our work is additive; each week, you should be retaining the ideas and skills while learning new ones, so that your repertory can grow. As the course progresses, if you are becoming a more attentive reader, you should get a sense of how different questions and their answers start to become the skeleton of a literary argument. You will be learning to try on ideas and strategies; to assess their consequences and value; and to communicate them orally and in writing.