Instructor: Cole                    MWF                    11:25pm-2:20pm

Music and poetry have always been deeply connected. Indeed, we often refer to the poetic line as “musical,” and many of the sonic techniques employed by poets—rhythm, meter, rhyme, anaphora and so on—mimic musical techniques. In this class, we’ll trace the roots of the inexorable connection between music and poetry and examine the ways in which both art forms influence each other.

To get a sense of this connection, we will compare the figurations of both classic and modern poems to the structure and figurations in song lyrics from a large swathe of poets and songwriters from a variety of different periods. In addition, we’ll discuss how songs from various genres are traditionally structured, how we can borrow from these structures as poets, and how other poets have borrowed these structures in the past. When you write your own work for this class, you will learn the tools you need to make it sing.

This class will prepare you to:

1) Understand the basics of several different songwriting and poetic structures
2)  Critically engage with a variety of poets and songs from various points in history.
3) Recognize specific sonic techniques in poetry and in music.
4) Think critically about your own writing as it relates to sonic techniques.
5) Give helpful feedback to others’ work and receive feedback on your own work with grace.