Instructor: Cummins                    M/W/F                2:00pm – 3:25pm

BoK: FA – Fine Arts; HU – Humanities

Classic Film Noir: 1940-1959

During and after World War II, Hollywood changed national and international cinema forever with a new kind of movie-making that became known as “film noir.”  These films—mostly shot in black-and-white—ushered in a more mature era of storytelling, in which themes such as greed, violence, sexual obsession, and “Fate” could be presented to an American audience made more “sophisticated”—i.e., cynical?—by a Depression and two World Wars.  We’ll study 13 of these movies, including a couple from French filmmakers, focusing (pun intended!) on their innovative style, subject matter, and international influence over the so-called “classic period.”  Some of the films we’ll look at in depth are Double Indemnity, The Asphalt Jungle, and Kiss Me Deadly.  Midterm, final, and three short writing assignments, plus attendance/participation required; optional paper.  No prerequisites except a love of movies, but you might find Netflix or equivalent helpful.