Instructor: Hogeland T/R        3:30 – 4:50pm

This course explores the rich tradition of women’s writing in the United States focusing on women of color.  We’ll read works primarily from the 20th century.  Women have written on all sides of every social problem; women have written in every literary, non-literary, and para-literary genre.  We’ll sample as much as we can in 14 weeks, with an aim toward diversity of every kind.  We’ll proceed in a rough chronology, covering themes and the major literary movements; we’ll read some of the best known and some of the most obscure writers.  Major contextual issues at hand include race, immigration, the lingering burden of slavery, Japanese internment; sexuality, marriage, divorce, the emergence of forthright lesbian voices over the century; work, both paid and unpaid, parenting and family; myth and storytelling, ways that women writers find and make a usable literary past; feminisms in their variety; beauty in as many ways as we can talk about it; poverty and wealth; intersectionalities in their variety.