Instructor: Lindenberg
TR 2:00 PM – 3:20 PM
Service Learning

How does your art, your creative writing, work beyond the self to enter into the realm of the public where larger social considerations emerge? How do you lean your writing toward social justice? Artists in this class will create, discuss, explore, and engage with a focus on the intersections of the current climate of social change and contemporary creative writing! In this discussion-centric workshop, we will investigate various prose and poetry from renowned authors who use writing as social discourse and activism. You’ll be asked to bring this deep thinking into your own writing and also in workshopping the writings of the other artists in the class. Through research, wonder, and investigation, you will use the process of writing to explore and critique an active social concern important to you, as well as engage with a local organization of your choice. This intersection of your active concern in the physicality of the world and your writing allows for new tangents of thought and perspectives. The world-to-word channel is designed to spark creativity on the page from what you learn through research and experience. The course culminates in a final creative portfolio designed to demonstrate the evolution of your writing with an attention to social and political change.