Instructor: Kortyna                    M/W/F                   11:15 – 12:20pm 

Why is it so easy for crazy, unscientific debates and arguments to gain momentum? Why are people more willing to believe that vaccines are bad for their children, or that global warming is a hoax, than to trust the science and data that contradicts it? Short answer: because transforming the hard, factual language of science into engaging, persuasive writing is no simple task.

In this course we will explore the full spectrum of science and nature writing in creative nonfiction, from the lyric naturalist observations of Thoreau and Dillard, to the more informative research-based writings of Solnit, Judson, and Scranton. Together we will examine the ways the science, research, and natural observation can be transformed, and used to deeply connect the personal experience to the larger, more global one—often serving to more successfully illuminate both.

Take this class. Possibly save the planet. Let’s go.