Instructor: Epstein                        Online

In this class we will study the narrative film techniques that put the “language” of film on the screen.  We will follow the course famously developed over 30 years by Professor Marilyn Fabe at the University of California, Berkeley, as outlined in her book, Closely Watched Films: An Introduction to the Art of Narrative Film Technique.  From Fabe’s introduction: “… [V]iewers trained in close analysis of single film sequences are better able to see and appreciate the rich visual and aural complexity of the film medium.”  We’ll watch the weekly film at home free via internet or You Tube, or through inexpensive streaming; then in class we’ll go over a few individual sequences in detail, with emphasis on camera movement, editing, lighting, and directorial vision.  Requirements: attendance; midterm (take-home); final; short paper (4-5 pages).