Instructor: Hennessey                    MWF                   12:20pm-1:15pm

Students will develop practical, hands-on skills related to editing, producing, and promoting the online literary magazine Short Vine, the undergraduate literary journal of The University of Cincinnati. We will focus on the art and craft of evaluating and editing fiction, poetry, literary nonfiction, art, and photography as well as layout, production, and all the business aspects of publishing a literary journal including subscriptions, marketing, and distribution, as well as creating a stronger online presence. This course also provides an introduction to the larger literary market, and we will discuss the process of building a career as a writer, including topics such as literary contests, colonies and conferences, agents and editors, book production, readings, marketing, and the publishing environment overall. In addition to producing Short Vine, students will gain substantial experience in editing and preparing manuscripts of their own creative work and learn how to submit work for publication.