Instructor: Arduser | TR 2:00 PM – 3:20 PM

In American culture, difficult subjects like cancer or a family member’s divorce are whispered about at best. A similar response surrounds most Americans’ reaction to death. And yet, facing the topic of death can help us to deal with unanswered questions in our own lives, even in the face of the overwhelming feelings of uncertainty as people confront their own mortality.

In this course students discuss the end of life in a meaningful and thought-provoking way, to expand the conversation to create a more holistic view that encompasses multiple perspectives found throughout our world today. Through group discussion, conversations with experts, and personal reflection, we will examine questions that include: Is there a point where death should be accepted and treated as a normal part of life? Can we learn how to better address death from other societies, religions, or cultures? Is it possible to “die well” and what does that mean?