Instructor: Iversen                    R                    9:30 – 12:20pm

Art and fact, reality and imagination: how do writers balance these key aspects of writing literary nonfiction? In this class we’ll discuss the different forms of research available to the writer of literary nonfiction – obvious and less-than-obvious – and explore ways and methods of incorporating research into literary projects. We will also look at the challenges and problems of reality-based writing including current examples in literary nonfiction and film (student are encouraged to see the films Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and The Professor and the Madman before the class begins).  Students will study the form, function, history, and aesthetics of published nonfiction while simultaneously writing, critiquing, revising, and completing their own work, with an eye toward submitting work to be considered for publication. Various structures of literary nonfiction, including hybrid forms, will be discussed.