Instructor: Durst W       12:20 – 3:10pm

What is the intellectual work of writing program administration?  How do the position responsibilities compare with those of other administrators in higher education?  How do these efforts relate to the non-administrative work of composition and rhetoric faculty?  By examining WPA’s and others’ representations of the complexities involved in leading a college-level writing program, this course will explore from a variety of perspectives the roles of a writing program director within the larger context of academia.  The course will examine issues of preparation for the position, curriculum development, assessment, communication with a wide range of stakeholders at different levels of academia’s hierarchy, diversity concerns, and public representation of the program.  Through careful reading of WPA scholarship and programmatic discourse, experiential learning in the form of an administrative internship, reflective activities, group discussion, and a series of writing assignments, the course will move toward an in-depth understanding of what one needs to know and to do in order to function effectively as a writing program administrator.