Instructor: Micciche                    W                  12:20pm-3:10pm

In this course we will explore how feminists have used and theorized writing as a political and rhetorical tool aimed at disrupting and subverting patriarchal traditions of thought. Our examination of feminist views, uses, and theories of writing will focus on the intellectual, activist, and strategic value of writing for feminist purposes. Two specific objectives will guide our orientation to the material: (1) constructing a critical overview of what it might mean to consider “feminism” and “writing” as conjoined, and (2) amassing the background knowledge necessary for you to make a substantial contribution to, or intervention in, your area of study. Sara Ahmed’s Living a Feminist Life, which illustrates how theory emerges from everyday experiences at home and work, will provide the framework for our study. Other readings, like feminism itself, will be interdisciplinary and multigenre. They may include work by Virginia Woolf, Audre Lorde, Trinh T. Minh-ha, Patricia Lockwood, Gloria Anzaldúa, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Ruth Behar, Malea Powell, bell hooks, Roxane Gay, Melissa-Harris-Perry, Kate Bornstein, Linda Tuhiwai Smith, and Judith Butler, among others.