Instructor: Glaser
Friday 11:15 AM-02:05 PM

This course will analyze and interrogate concepts of form-the human physical form, various perspectives on genre, and cultural structures of knowledge as understood through disability theory.Through analysis of creative texts, and by using avariety of theoretical texts to study the construction of normalcy therein, the course will examine the differing ways that normalcy and disability has been employed in western literature. Because the concept of genre also holds within it ideas of traditional or “normal” form, we will examine texts that challenge these arbitrary boundaries. The course will include creative texts (both poetry and prose) that are written by contemporary disabled authors, famous works that include disabled figures (to see how hegemonic presuppositions about disability permeate those texts) as well as a variety of critical texts to help frame our reading in key concepts from disability theory. Students will be required to volunteer 10 hours over the course of the semester at a social program (approved by the instructor) that supports disabled people and write two seminar papers.