Instructor: Corkin

R 3:30pm-6:20pm

This class looks at the important link between cinema and the 20th  and 21st century definition of the urban by following a chronological narrative  from the emergence of the medium in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to the mid-1960s, a moment when the definition of the “urban” was in the process of shifting and when the film industry, particularly in the US,  was also undergoing significant changes.  We screen urban actualities from the first decade of large-screen projection and then watch the medium develop its mass-audience and narrative form in the later silent era.  It will look at the urban-based gangster films of the depression era, and then jump to the post –World War II emergence of film noir and the related Italian neo-realism.  Finally, it will look at the emergent city of the late-industrial period through a sampling of the French New Wave, British Kitchen Sink films, and Hollywood location shoots of the early 1960s.