Instructor: Twomey | Tues 9:30 AM – 12:20 PM

This course provides an overview of significant portions of the Bible, introduces students to biblical reception studies, and engages methods and theories relevant to both literary analysis and biblical criticism.  We’ll read and discuss biblical texts and their retellings in literature and film, as well as their citation in any number of cultural contexts (e.g., music, political discourse, the visual arts).  We will also explore the ways scholars in biblical studies deploy critical perspectives with which you are probably already at least somewhat familiar (queer theory, critical race theory, new materialism, environmental studies, etc.) to bring biblical texts into conversation with relevant contemporary interests.   Key goals of the course include the following:  to enhance students’ biblical literacy; to make the Bible and biblical research more available to students’ scholarly and creative work – for example, we might focus on worldbuilding and ask how the analysis of certain biblical texts can inform craft decisions; and, finally, to provide resources for students who may eventually want to teach introductory Bible-as-literature classes.  No prior knowledge of the Bible is required.