Instructor: Machado
Monday 2:30 PM- 5:20 PM

This course proceeds from the assumption that you cannot teach innovation but that you can study it. And that your study of it might itself necessitate innovation of some kind: a new way of reading; of thinking, acting, and being; of attuning yourself to the chaos of the world, its injustices, its violence and apathy, its beauty and bitter continuities …  

We’ll study of a range of published works that emerge from the margins, disrupt the literary marketplace, and/or, as Dimitra Ioannou puts it, “make a new territory of meanings” (quoted from a Montez Press radio event). A non-exclusive list of strategies to which we’ll attend: documentary poetics; somatics; multimodal and multilingual writing; constraint-based composition. You can expect to read across a range of literary genres (or anti-genres, as it were), including theory/criticism. An abbreviated reading list: Susan Briante’s Defacing the Monument; CAConrad’s Ecodeviance: (Soma)tics for the Future Wilderness; M. NourbeSe Philip’s Zong!; Hiromi Ito’s Wild Grass on the Riverbank (tr. Jeffrey Angles). Assignments: occasional writing exercises; presentations; the completion of a final project that could be a literary text, a work of criticism, or a combination of the two.