Instructor: Zamora
Tuesday 12:30-3:20 PM 

How does one innovate from withinwithin being a relational ideation not to be confused with limiting—when considering the current pulses of writing? Within what? The page? Beyond the page? Story? Imagination? Form? Language/s? Syntax? Grammar? Breath? Other modalities of art? This workshop will look at innovation as a type of literary typography, but more importantly innovation as amalgamate threads to bend thinking, twist genre, reimagine rhetorical structures, and hover between the seams of possibility in prose/poetry/art. 

We will dissect and create to reinvent boundaries of the artist’s own illuminations around innovation in contemporary writing. We will consider Gloria Anzaldúa’s words, “It is not enough/ deciding to open” when considering our withins, and our focus will be to contemplate the ways we plunge our work into more risky and complex fabrications at the intersections of language and art.

Artists’ work in the course includes intensive reading/discussion of texts/authors who challenge and redefine the current writing landscape, an evolving manifesto on innovation, invention of a form, theoretical framework of the invented form, a sequence or set of writing that demonstrates the form, leading other artists in exploration of the form, workshop of reading-inspired art from the semester, and more.