Instructor: Glaser                    M                    12:20 PM – 3:10 PM

This course will focus on charting the literary and cultural history of passing in the U.S. From nineteenth century legislation that essentialized race to contemporary debates about appropriation in the sphere of literature and performance, the experience and trope of passing for another race (and, later, gender) have been central to American figurations of identity and power. In this class, we will look at topics that include the classic literature of passing (from Nella Larsen’s _Passing_ and James Weldon Johnson’s _Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man_ to so-called “neo-passing narratives,” such as Danzy Senna’s _Caucasia_ and Mat Johnson’s _Incognegro), blackface performance, cultural appropriation, the concept of the racialized literary voice, and much more.