Instructor: NeCamp                  T              9:30-12:20pm

In this course, we will examine and practice research methods in Rhetoric and Composition, with the aim of interrogating the affordances and limitations of both cutting-edge methodologies and time-honored approaches in relation to the study of writing—the field’s traditional milieu—as well as the study of reading, of language, and of teaching. Given these multiple foci, this course will be of interest to students in literature, language, and education programs. We will discuss archival research practices, mobile methodologies, and teacher-research, among other methods. Our class will feature guest visits from Lisa Arnold, winner of the 2014 Braddock Award for her study of language politics and policies at Syrian Protestant University (now the American University of Beirut), and Brice Nordquist, winner of the 2019 CCCC Advancement of Knowledge Award for his book Literacy and Mobility, which employs mobile methods to examine the experiences of students moving from high school to college; both will share with us insights into their methodologies which we will then use to advance our own projects within the course.