Instructor: Glaser                  M               4:40pm-7:30pm

ENGL 8095 will focus on disability and illness in American literature and culture. Canonical and non-canonical American writers have often figured Americanness through disabled or sick bodies (their own or others’). How do we square these representations with the lived experiences of those with illnesses and disabilities? What are the central scholarly debates in disability studies and how can they inform our reading? Moving from theoretical texts in the field to works of fiction, memoir, and film by authors and artists such as Toni Morrison, Stephen Kuusisto, Tod Browning, Lucy Grealy, Michael Berube, Oliver Sacks, Susan Sontag, Audre Lorde, Bob Flanagan, Lidia Yuknavitch, Emily Rapp, and Celese Ng, this class will introduce some of the core principles of disability studies and explore the centrality of bodily difference to our understanding of American literature and culture.