Instructor: Durst
Online SYNC  Monday 9:05am – 10:55pm
Session D, 7-week course: August 23 – October 10

This class is an intensive pass/fail workshop for doctoral students in any discipline. It is premised on three basic ideas: writers benefit from being in an environment in which writing is prioritized; sustained motivation and consistent progress can be helped by peer accountability; a structured schedule and set of flexible writing strategies can together contribute to successful writing sessions. Participants will spend the majority of their time writing in a shared space. The group will break periodically for discussions on topics of common interest, such as motivation, goal setting, time management, and successful writing habits and rituals, as well as for brief movement exercises and writing activities. Assessment will be based on consistent participation as well as a written reflection describing progress made during the workshop, strategies learned that will affect subsequent writing activities, and projected writing goals for the next three months.