Instructor: Twomey/Lawson
TR    Online SYNC   12:30 PM – 1:50 PM

In this seminar we will study apocalyptic and dystopian literature and film, alongside introductory-level scientific writing, in order to: 1) reflect upon current global challenges (e.g., pandemics, climate change, extinctions, pollution, etc.); and 2) investigate solutions aimed at creating more sustainable and survivable futures. Creative explorations of apocalyptic scenarios are among the oldest of human stories, and allow an approachable framework for difficult topics that must be tackled in our lifetimes. No formal background in environmental etudies, literature, infectious diseases, or other relevant topics is necessary, but an enthusiastic attitude towards creative and critical exploration is a must. Students will develop an understanding of the current environmental and social challenges evoked by our readings, while collectively imagining a better future. Students will also meet with environmental and health policy makers to discuss how local actions can translate to more sustainable global futures.