Instructor: Kiehl                    MWF                    2:30pm-3:25pm

As with ENGL 2011: Introduction to Fiction, the primary goal of an Intermediate Workshop is for you to leave writing with more nuance and reading more perceptively than you did when you entered. To that same end, we’ll be focusing on a more specific theme than we would in an introductory workshop. This semester, that theme will be first-person narration. We’ll read five shortish novels and a number of short stories and craft essays in order to better comprehend the variety of ways in which first-person narratives—and the narrators who tell them—can be constructed. Some first-person narrators leap off the page; others do everything they can to keep their faces hidden. On some level, all first-person narratives involve a tension between confession and deflection—between the urgency of telling and the impulse to conceal, between the need to understand and the need to self-justify. In addition to unraveling the “I”s at the heart of the published works we’ll be reading, you’ll write and critique first-person short stories of your own.