Instructor: Leech
001 MWF 12:20 PM-01:15 PM
002 MWF 1:25 PM-02:20 PM

Shakespeare has become a central part of Western Culture, and his influence is seen world-wide. Why is Shakespeare such a big deal? This course will introduce students to the world of Shakespeare through his sonnets, comedies, histories, and tragedies. The class discussions will focus on contextualizing the works by exploring the dramatic expectations of Shakespeare’s world, the influences on his works, his themes, and possibly a dirty joke or two. Since Shakespeare’s plays were meant to be seen and not read, there will also be clips of film versions of the plays shown during discussions. Shakespeare’s impact on literature, language, and the arts in general is ongoing, and part of the goal of this class is to have students connect themes in Shakespeare to issues in the world today.