Instructor: Cook & Rentz                  M                    4:40pm – 7:30pm

This capstone course is required for students completing the undergraduate track in Rhetoric & Professional Writing. This course offers students an opportunity to demonstrate mastery and integration of the skills, principles, and knowledge gained from their coursework. It requires the application of that learning to a field project that will be evaluated by faculty and clients. The course is open only to undergraduate students who are at the end of their coursework in the Rhetoric & Professional Writing track. Prerequisites: To take this course you must: completion of 9 credit hours in the RPW track. Students must be enrolled in the Rhetoric & Professional Writing track of the English major.

This course carries the Service Learning attribute and therefore fulfills the A&S Experiential course requirement. This course is offered only in spring semester, so if you’re planning to graduate in December 2020 please take the course this spring.